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MinedFuel™ makes it possible to view Microsoft Power BI visualizations on your existing websites, applications, and portals without requiring a Power BI Pro license*. MinedFuel™ allows government departments and large-scale corporations to quickly and securely embed data visualizations on any website, application, or portal. MinedFuel™ dramatically reduces the time to deliver valuable Business Intelligence to your organization to make better decisions, fast!

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Microsoft Customer Success Story

Business intelligence firm helps streamline Canadian government’s analytics, publishing processes

“August 15, 2018

Based in Ottawa, Canada, business intelligence and data management firm DAVHILL Group recognized a market need to help its government customers operate in a multitenant cloud and gain web portal publishing functionality. To meet this need, the company created its MinedFuel BI solution, which runs on Microsoft Azure and uses Microsoft Power BI Embedded to access business intelligence and visualization capabilities in Power BI. Now, creating related custom solutions for customers takes just a few days versus up to a year following traditional IT processes…[click to go to story]



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*MinedFuel™ uses powerful Microsoft Power BI embedded technology to allow you to deploy your visualizations anywhere, anytime, securely.