MinedFuel™ BI

MinedFuel™ BI Service is a cloud-based, multitenant* Power BI Embedded web application that provides customers with the ability to view Power BI visualizations on their web sites without requiring users to have a Power BI Pro license. Subscription cost is based on the projected number of page renders and the total number of users, and can be scaled up or down on demand.

Software Licensing 

MinedFuel™ BI Service can be scaled and tailored to your unique needs. Our licensing options reflect the fluidity of your organization and charge on a peak renders per hour and per user basis to make sure you’re getting everything that you pay for. 

MinedFuel BI Service Capacity 

Customers purchase capacity for users to be able to consume visualizations over their web sites. Users view visualizations on web sites, applications, or portals and each time a visualization renders, it is counted against the available capacity.  Page renders are counted any time visuals are loaded on a user's web browser. A page refresh counts as a page render, as does any other page interactivity, like slice and dice, filtering, etc.  

 MinedFuel™ Power BI Embedded SKU’s (rph = renders per hour): 

  • CL01 - 300rph 

  • CL02 - 600rph 

  • CL03 - 1200rph 

  • CL04 - 2400rph 

  • CL05 - 4800rph 

  • CL06 - 9600rph 

User Capacity

The total number of users that will use the MinedFuel™ BI Service to consume embedded visualizations. 

 MinedFuel User SKUs: 

  • PL01 - <100 Users 

  • PL02 - 101 to 1000 Users 

  • PL03 - 1001 to 5000 Users 

  • PL04 - >5000 Users 

Get MinedFuel working for you

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