The MinedFuel™ BI Service is an integrated suite of software tools that enables customers to rapidly deploy Business Intelligence (BI) solutions throughout their organization. With the MinedFuel™ BI Service, administrative users deploy Power BI visualizations to a secured web application platform that allows their end users to view them without requiring a Power BI Pro license*.

The MinedFuel™ BI Service is comprised of the following components:

MinedFuelBI Service 

MinedFuel™ BI Service is a cloud-based, multitenant Power BI Embedded web application that enables customers to view Power BI visualizations on their web sites without requiring visitors to have a Power BI Pro license.

Embedding Engine 

MinedFuel™ BI Service Embedding Engine enables customers to embed, view and interact with Power BI visualizations on any website.

MinedFuel BI Portal 

MinedFuel™ BI Portal enables customers to create secure web sites and deploy BI solutions to their stakeholders.


The MinedFuel™ BI solution provides four core pieces of functionality:



Customers register Power BI App Workspaces with the MinedFuel™ BI Service so that the Embedding Engine can reference visualizations that reside in them, either to generate the HTML required to embed visualizations, or to authorize users trying to view them on customer web sites. 


Customers are guided through a three-step embedding process to generate the HTML required to display Power BI visualizations on any of their web sites. The embedding engine also renders Power BI visualizations when users open web pages where customers have embedded the HTML. 


Customers register the web sites where they will be embedding their visualizations so that the MinedFuel™ BI Service can authorize users trying to view them. 


Server capacity is required to support the caching and display of visualizations on the deployment site. Server capacity can be tailored to match the volume of page renders for the organization.


MinedFuel™ BI Portal is a multi-tenant portal solution, with web content management features, that enables customers to deploy secure, web-based portals and embed their Power BI visualizations. MinedFuel™ BI Portal is ideal for customers who do not have access to a web site or application to self-publish the Power BI visualizations they create for their stakeholders. The MinedFuel™ BI Portal is available free of charge and is supported from Monday to Friday, 9AM EST to 4PM EST.  


Simple three step publishing of Power BI dashboards and reports to any website or portal

  • Securely register multiple Power BI App Workspaces

  • Securely register multiple Deployment Sites

  • Implement Row Level Security (RLS) though MinedFuel API

  • Implement Basic user filtering through MinedFuel API

  • Implement Advanced user filtering through MinedFuel API

Licensing Options 

Learn more about MinedFuel™ BI licensing options for you to manage your own end to end Business Intelligence and Analytics publishing solution. 

Click on the button to download the MinedFuel™ Administrator’s Manual

*MinedFuel™ uses powerful Microsoft Power BI embedded technology to allow you to deploy your visualizations anywhere, anytime, securely.

**For single tenant, dedicated server options that reside in your organization’s Azure subscription, please contact Sales